Essery is a visual director + interdisciplinary artist living on Lekwungen Territory (Victoria, Canada). She holds an Honours BA in Media, Information & Technoculture from Western University and a diploma in Interactive Design. Her work looks to exalt subjectivity within the sway of contemporary culture to our collective sense of truth. In creating visual mythologies through collage, her practise uses play to release expectation to a matter of personal presence. Symbology, shape and colour traced from her environment and experiences navigate Essery’s work to reconcile the more inarticulable ephemera of being human. Her textile work has been featured in Vanity Fair and House & Home magazine.

In 2015, her paper "Metamodern Melancholia" was published in the FIMS' academic journal, Mediations.
In 2012, she successfully completed Minesweeper on Expert mode.

You can read an interview with Essery here.