“The Essery” — Secret Location x Wrappr, 2022.

TEXTILE: Scarf, silk.
“This piece, now called The Essery, came into being from a quote I often circle back to: “What you are looking for is what is looking.” One of those infinitely mysterious phrases that you immediately recognize as truth regardless of (and, if I’m honest, in part due to) how cryptic it may appear. I thought on this and the paradox it offers us, which reveals something both knowably and unknowably true, a familiar wisdom that yet feels just out of reach from the limited armspan of our dualistic frameworks that attempt to hold it.

It’s left me feeling that any expression - be it art, action, curation - anything that crosses the threshold into the material realm will ground the natural ephemera of the self. I suspect this isn’t inherently good or bad, but simply the symbiotic relationship of self expression and self knowledge, a holistic union between beholding and becoming.“ Learn more on the Secret Location blog. Available for purchase here.

The Essery, 90cm square.